This Week’s Gigs: 22nd – 27th November


What happens when there are lots of gigs this week that I want to get mentions in for, but writing about them individually would take ages? I bring back the gig guide. Not an exhaustive list of everything on this week, but some of the highlights.

Black International, Birdhead, Vasquez. Captains Rest.
My love for Black International should already be well known. I haven’t seen them in ages, possibly since my birthday gig, so I’ll be taking myself along on Tuesday to catch them. Really liked Birdhead’s Talons EP from earlier in the year too, so looking forward to finally getting around to seeing them. Birdhead say the last time they played in Glasgow there was an audience of zero people, so some of you should come along too and make sure that doesn’t happen again. Vasquez aren’t half bad either.

Miaoux Miaoux Album Preview Show. Captains Rest.
Another of my favourites, Miaoux Miaoux will be showing off some songs from the new album he has been working away at. Miaoux Miaoux has roped in some special guests to help out too, and he’ll be joined on Wednesday by Paul Carlin (Ghost Pants/Dananananaykroyd), Profisee, Kris Ferguson (Mitchell Museum) and Anna Miles (Maple Leaves), which all sounds rather brilliant to me.

Wounded Knee, Hal Duncan, Andrew Raymond Drennan, De Selby. The 13th Note.
Also rather tempting on Wednesday is this gig. Wounded Knee has just re-released his House Music album through Gerry Loves Records – you can buy it here – and is always entertaining, both on record and live. De Selby count some Second Hand Marching Band members amongst their number, and are also rather good.
Sparrow and the Workshop, Martin John Henry, Two Wings. Nice & Sleazy. (Tickets)
At which point Wednesday officially starts taking the piss. Both Sparrow and the Workshop and Martin John Henry are ace.

Pin Up Nights 8th Birthday. The Flying Duck.
Aww bless, Pin Up Nights is getting all grown up! Helping our favourite club night in Glasgow celebrate their birthday are Laurence and the Slab Boys, Johnny and the Giros, The Callas and Electric Gardens, after which the Pin Ups DJs will be doing their thing till the wee hours of the night.
Idiosync 3: If You Lived Here You’d Be Home By Now, Without Aeroplanes. The Common Rooms.
Free entry and two good bands, there you go.
Sick Kids, Casual Sex, Black Jash. The 13th Note.
One to confuse people searching for weird stuff. Sick Kids are launching an EP, which is pretty good. Both the music and the whole launching thing. We also approve of the support bands.
The Winter Tradition, The Bronze Medal, We’re Only Afraid of NYC. Captains Rest.
For the first time in aaaaaages I’ll be missing a We’re Only Afraid of NYC gig. Bah!

Django Django, Robert Redford, She’s Hit, Killer Street. Nice & Sleazy.
In which we all pretend we don’t know who Robert Redford are. Good other bands too though.
Findlay Napier and the Bar Room Mountaineers. WRI Hall, Comrie.
This gig exposes my lack of geography knowledge, as I have no idea where Comrie even is.

Withered Hand, Samantha Crain, Mike MacFarlane.Henry’s Cellar Bar.
A Song, by Toad gig, and a good looking one.
Loch Lomond, The Last of Barrett’s Privateers, Pronto Mama. Sneaky Pete’s.
See, I do know Edinburgh exists. Loch Lomond are ace, and I should really get round to writing about their new album sooner or later.
Muscles of Joy, Palms, DJ Jamie Grier. Oran Mor.
The wee bit I’ve heard of Muscles of Joy has been good, and this is a launch gig for their debut album. Must get my mitts on a copy.
Song of Return, Atlas : Empire. Nice & Sleazy.
Song of Return are launching their new EP, and it’ll also be their last gig in a while, so get along if you want to see them.