This Week’s Gigs 28th June – 4th July


There seems to be hardly anything on this week, so as well as being a bit later than usual the gig guide will be pretty short this week too. If you’ve got a gig on this week that you think I should have mentioned but I haven’t then you should have told me, I’m not telepathic.

Folk The System – Julia Doogan, Shambles Miller, Andrew Lindsay, Martin Docherty and Linky Gray. 13th Note, £5.
The 13th Note plays host to a whole bunch of folkers.
Pablo Eskimo, probably some others but I’ll be buggered if I can find details. Pivo Pivo.
Elba Sessions PresentsCampfires In Winter, Yusuf Azak and RM Hubbert. The Liquid Ship, free.
The Elba Sessions gigs do always tend to have good line ups, but this one is particularly eye catching. Campfires In Winter played Peenko Vs Aye Tunes for us, and are pals of the blog, so obviously I’m biased there, but they wouldn’t have been asked to do our gig if we didn’t also like their music. I’ve not had a proper listen to Yusuf Azak really, but hear lots of encouraging things about him. RM Hubbert is just plain excellent. I saw Hubby on Friday night, playing a gig in an incredibly warm flat, it was tons of fun. All that for the bargain price of free makes this one look very good indeed.
The Last Battle, Meursault (solo), Jonnie Common. The Wee Red Bar, £5.
One for the Edinburgh people, this is the launch gig for The Last Battle’s new single, Ruins. The single is out next Monday, but if you go to the launch gig you can pick one up early.
Endor, Over The Wall and Washington Irving. Stereo.
Launch gig for Endor’s new album. A good album it is too, I really have to get round to doing a write up on it. Top notch support too.
Ace City Racers. Summer Pool Party, Gourock Outdoor Pool.
I haven’t checked, but I’m pretty sure this is the first time that either Gourock or an outdoor pool have featured on Aye Tunes in any way. Anyway, Ace City Racers are playing live, the action kicks off at 6pm, and it is dead cheap.
Kid Canaveral, The Scottish Enlightenment and Come On Gang! plus DJs. The Roxy Room, £5.
It takes something a wee bit special to lure me out of my Glasgow comfort zone to make the road trip to Edinburgh, and this fits the bill. Kid Canaveral are launching their debut album, Shouting At Wildlife, on Saturday. To help they’ve called in some excellent support acts, and some special guest DJs in the form of Cancel The Astronauts and some guy called Peenko. All of which means I get to make an arse of myself in Edinburgh instead of Glasgow for a nice wee change.
Tickets can be bought in advance at the Kid Canaveral website. While you are there you can pre-order the album, and get all sorts of special extra stuff.
Night Noise Team, Patricia Panther, Digital Dinosaur, 30 Second Wank Line. Box, free.
I’ve been wanting to see Night Noise Team for a while, so typically they are playing in Glasgow the one time I’m in Edinburgh. If you are in Glasgow in Saturday you should go along though.
It is the first Sunday of the month, that means it is time for Words Per Minute! I’m likely to miss WPM this month, so if some of you can go along in my place for me that would be very nice of you. Performing this month are Simon Sylvester, Jane Flett and Gabriella Bennett, live beatboxing from Bigg Taj, performance poetry from Drew Taylor and his alter ego Markus Makavelian, and a live music from Swimmer One. As usual it takes place at Creation Studios, and all the details and other stuff can be found at the Words Per Minute website.


  1. favouriteson says:

    i can finally make it back out 2 gigs. thurs n fri look good shouts. pity Kid C is in Ed, will b a gd 1