This Week’s Gigs: 30th August – 5th Spetember


Sunday. Gig Guide. Blah. You know the deal by now. As usual there’s a fair old amount on this week, so on we go.

The Year of Open Doors – Burnt Island, Adrian Crowley, King Creosote. Highland Park Spiegletent (tickets)
Launch night for The Year of Open Doors audiobook, available now from Chemikal Underground. For more details on The Year of Open Doors go read the post I wrote a few days ago. The previously secret performer has been announced, as King Creosote joins the line up.
Shambles Miller & others. Pivo Pivo. Free.

Miaoux Miaoux, Fox Gut Daata & “Special Guest”. Captain’s Rest, £5.
Launch gig for the gorgeous new Miaoux Miaoux single, Knitted, which will be available to buy on CD in lovely limited hand knitted sleeves. I’m quoted on the gig poster, so you know it’ll be good (go ahead and imagine a winking emoticon there if you want) I have my suspicions who the special guest is, but I’m probably not allowed to say. If it is who I think it is he was rather good at the gig I was at on Saturday though. (Update: I was right with my guess, Adam Stafford is your mystery guest,and I’m allowed to say so now.)

Scragfight, The Cemetery Girls, The Plimptons. 13th Note.

Enchantment Under The Sea – The Belle Hops, The Power Cut Choir and YOU. Bloc, free.
YOU? What? Over to the blurb about the gig – “In between bands: Teen Heart Throb Open Mic: YOU sing songs from the repertoire of history’s teen heart throbs. From Buddy Holly to Boyzone, from the Shangri-Las to the Spice Girls, it’s up to you! And we’ll give you sweeties as a reward!”

The Winter Tradition, Little Yellow Ukuleles, Galleries. Captain’s Rest.
The band formerly known as The Void launch their new single, with support from a couple of Aye Tunes favourites. For a chance to win tickets visit our blog buddy Favourite Son.

Amy Duncan. Roxy Art House, Edinburgh.
Launch gig for Amy’s new album, Potential-Space.

The Hardy Boys, The Recovery Club. Pivo Pivo.

Another launch gig, this time for a new EP from The Hardy Boys.
Beerjacket, Panda Su. Oran Mor. £6.
Rescheduled from June, a Beerjacket gig gets an automatic recommendation round here. As an added bonus Panda Su is brilliant too.
Gorman, Revelry Thieves. The Vale, £8.

Zola Jesus, Conquering Animal Sound, Midnight Lion. Captain’s Rest. £7.

Zola Jesus were one of the artists that said they’d be playing at Indian Summer, but since that isn’t happening you can find her in The Captain’s Rest instead, along with locals supports, one of whom Aye Tunes loves, and the other one we really don’t. No prizes for matching names to descriptions.
Second Hand Marching Band, eagleowl, Benni Hemm Hemm. The Tunnels, Aberdeen. £6 advance.
Three smashing bands, and to entice the people of Aberdeen along there’s a free download of them all available here. I’ve mangled that sentence completely, the download is of the bands, not of all the people of Aberdeen.

The Winter Tradition, LightGuides, Your Neighbour The Liar. Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh. £5.

Edinburgh leg of the Firelight single launch, and again you have a chance of winning tickets from Favourite Son.

Zola Jesus, Conquering Animal Sound, Dead Boy Robotics. Roxy Art House, Edinburgh.
Lucky Edinburgh get two good support bands.
Words Per Minute – WPM4. Creation Studios, 3.30pm, £3.

This month’s line up for Words Per Minutes is an almost all female affair. Joining hosts Kirsten and Anneliese are Zorras, Sian Bevan, Kirsty Logan, Kirsty Neary and and Arches Live showcase with Skye Loneragan and Georgina Porteous. The regular DJ set from Miaoux Miaoux is all that keeps the line up from being all female. As usual get along early.

Gig Submissions:

Just a reminder, there’s now a dedicated email to send gig details to. The gig guide takes a surprisingly long time to put together every week and involves me trawling through venue websites, band websites, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter etc. To try and make my life a wee bit easier, if you have something you want included send an email to including at least the date, the venue and the bands playing (along with a link to their website, MySpace or whatever). If you can tell me how much it’ll cost to get in that’s good too.


  1. peenko says:

    not sure if Monday’s secret guest has been confirmed yet, but I think it might well be J-Yo

  2. Jim says:

    I think it is meant to be announced tonight, I’ll update once it is. I’m still sad it won’t be Cher.