This Week’s Gigs 31st May – 6th June


This week, and most of June, is quite frankly insane for gigs. Look!

We Are Jawbone have a free gig at Pivo Pivo, with Mother Midnight, Forgotten Sunday and The Parting also on the bill.
Scout Niblet plays Stereo, with support coming from The Martial Arts and Donald MacDonald.
Just announced, Remember Remember are playing The 13th Note. They’ll be debuting new songs, and a new line up.
Wednesday appears to mark the start of silly season. Check out this lot, all on one night.
Team Ghost and Deathpodal are playing The 13th Note. Deathpodal’s EP is brilliant, and the live show should be pretty memorable too. (Side note: looks like I’ve got a spare ticket going for this, so holler if you want it…)
Detour move out of Bloc this week, down the street to The Buff Club. Playing for them this month are Song of Return, There Will Be Fireworks, The Second Hand Marching Band and Meursault. Now that is a line-up! Tickets are £5 and available here.

Open Swimmer, Maple Leaves and Kettle of Kites are at The Captain’s Rest. We like Maple Leaves a lot round here, even though I’m still waiting on Julian serving up a restraining order on me for stalking him, of which there’s plenty chances this week by the look of it.
Since that lot isn’t enough, there’s also Glissando and Debutant at Bar Brel.
Oh Thursday, you saw there was loads happening on Wednesday and just had to try and keep up, didn’t you? You swine.

Antimatter present the second of their Music Box nights at The Universal. Playing live are Call To Mind, Error Response, Cracks In the Concrete, and Nomogram, with visuals courtesy of Ruan Suess, Awai David Wan, Erin Hardee, and Parallax. Visit the Antimatter website for more details, and to buy tickets.
The Last Battle and Yahweh are supporting Peggy Sue at Stereo.
Kochka are playing at Maggie Mays.

Washington Irving launch their debut EP with a gig at Mono, with support from Endor, Randolph’s Leap and The Social Services.
Sleepingdog play Brel, with support from Euan McMeeken.
Finally it is the latest Elba Session Presents gig, with acoustic sets from Shambles Miller, Blue Sky Archives and My Cousin I Bid You Farewell. We like all of them round here.
Radar are branching out from writing about music to putting on a gig (hey, why didn’t I think of that?) at Nice n Sleazy. Miaoux Miaoux is playing live, offering another chance for Julian stalking, and you get another chance to see Blue Sky Archives and My Cousin I Bid You Farewell if you missed them the previous night, but playing louder this time.
The Lava Experiments launch their wonderful Blackbody Vol. III EP with a gig at The 13th Note. Also on the bill are The Hundred Metre Club and Mammals. See The Lava Experiments website for cheap tickets!
Mi Ami, Ultimate Thrush and the brilliantly mental Divorce are at Nice N Sleazy, presumably making lots of noise.
WPM2 takes place at Creation Studios at 4pm on Sunday. There’s a post on that coming up tomorrow, needless to say there’s a great line-up.
Macabre Scene play King Tut’s, supporting Murder by Death.
Little Yellow Ukuleles, Galleries, Pacific Theatre, He Slept on 57 can all be found making noise at The 13th Note.
Spoiled for choice, or taking the piss? You decide.