This Week’s Gigs: 3rd – 9th January


Ooh look, it is the return of the gig guide. However did you survive last week without it?

What’s that? You managed just fine? Suit yourself then…
The first few weeks of January are likely to be dominated by King Tut’s New Year’s Revolution gigs. Kicking off tonight and running every night until mid January, this is a follow up to the Summer Nights thing they had back in, funnily enough, the summer. I’ll be picking and choosing what ones to stick in the gig guide, but on most nights there’s at least one band on that I quite like.
If you plan on going to a lot of them then a Golden Ticket which provides entry to every gig might be worth buying, you can get those here.
If you get down to Tut’s for 7pm you can also catch Blochestra playing in the bar for free.
Monsters on Movie Posters. BOX. Free entry.
Ooh look, a gig that isn’t at King Tut’s! There will probably be other bands playing, but I don’t know who.
Probably the pick of the New Year’s Revolution bunch for me.
F. U. January – Colour Cells, Phlox, Sleepy Eyes Nelson, Homesick Aldo. Pivo Pivo.
A little something put together by Traffic Cone Records.
When Skies Fell played their debut Glasgow show towards the end of last year it was a pretty impressive affair, so they have a lot to live up to for this gig. Somehow I don’t think they’ll disappoint.