This Week’s Gigs


I’ll come back to the records this week, since right now I have no idea what is out today.

There’s a lot of gigs this week. if I had money I’d barely be at home. Alas, I’m skint, so just get to moan about missing loads of stuff instead. Did no one get my memo asking for April to be a quiet month?

Tonight you have Maple Leaves, The Last Battle, and Beneath Us, The Waves at Stereo. Kick off is 9pm, cost is £5, and there’s a quote from me on the poster. I’ll be at this one, should anyone going along along want to buy a Peenko vs Aye Tunes ticket *hint hint*.

Alternatively tonight there’s Chiledonia 8.8 at the Oran Mor. This event will take place in order to send aid to the many communities of Chile. The line up includes Ballboy, The Low Miffs, Kid Canaveral and loads more. More details here.

Tuesday has an Exposure Scotland showcase at Maggie May’s. Playing on the night are Toy Fires, Call Me Ishmael and the rather fabulous Little Yellow Ukuleles.

There’s another Exposure Scotland gig at the same place on Wednesday, with .Scores, The Darien Venture and Trapped In Kansas playing. That’s a nice wee line-up.

Also on Wednesday The Classic Grand has a fantastic line up of bands. For £6 you can see Endor, Yahweh, Super Adventure Club and A Band Called Quinn. This is one I’m particularly annoyed I won’t be going to.

Finally on Wednesday, because trying to be in just two places at once isn’t enough, Shambles Miller is playing in Macsorleys.

Thursday has a wee bit of a special gig, taking place at King Tut’s. It’s a United Nations gig for Radio 1, hosted by Vic Galloway (who, much to my surprise and delight name dropped Aye Tunes in the News of the World yesterday), with Chickenhawk, Race Horses, And So I Watch You From Afar and The Phantom Band playing. Oh my. Tickets for this one are all gone, but if any Aye Tunes readers missed out, you could perhaps send me an email and you might find yourself with a ticket.

On Friday Pareto play a gig at The Courtyard in Glasgow to launch their new EP, Your Heart is Ready For Home. I liked the EP a whole lot more than I expected to.
Also on Friday Nice n Sleazy plays host to Schnapps, The Feuds and The Strange Boys.

Saturday has loads on.
It is Record Store Day, so get down to your local record shop and buy stuff. If anyone feels stupidly generous they can pick me up a copy of the new Arab Strap box set, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, which will be available for the day. It looks brilliant, as you’d expect from Chemikal Underground and Arab Strap.
Monorail and Avalanche in Glasgow will both be hosting live bands all day long, but the one I’m particularly excited about is the mighty You Already Know playing their fist gig in a while in Avalanche at about 5pm. YAK will also have a very limited edition CD on sale on Saturday, featuring cover versions of songs by Rage Against The Machine, Talking Heads, Far and Embrace.

Later on Saturday you get to play multiple choice with gigs. The Dirty Cuts are playing at Nice N Sleazy, FOUND play a free gig at SWG3 to celebrate moving their moody musical wardrobe Cybraphon to Glasgow, and the 13th Note has Lou Vargo, Evan Crichton and 3 other bands fighting for your attention.

On Sunday, you can have a nice wee lie down.


  1. schultz says:

    I’m loving this gig guide thing.

  2. Jim says:

    I’m glad someone is, it takes bloody ages to put together, and I’m always sure i’ve forgotten something.