This Week’s Gigs: 7th – 13th February


It is one of those weeks that sends wallets, and for the drinkers their livers, running for cover before they are thoroughly abused. I’m doing this quite quickly too, so I suspect I’ve missed loads of gigs, including Bright Eyes, The Hold Steady and 6 Day Riot.

Glasgow Slow Club: The Last Battle, Very Well. Bloc, free entry.
The Last Battle are fabulous. Very Well are difficult to find a link for.
UWS Refreshers Festival. Paisley Student Union. £2. 6pm start.
Featuring Flood of Red, Fatherson, Carnivores, Marvel Heights, Skies Fell, Pacific Theatre, Dilectrics, Aaron Wright, Michael Cassidy, Little Fire, Debbie Kate, Calum Muir and Jamie Keenan. A few bands in there that I don’t really care for, but also more than a couple that we really like round these parts. All for the low price of £2.

Mondegreen. Bloc, free entry.
Luring me out of Paisley and away from the gig above however will be Mondegreen, one of my favourite wee bands around. Seriously, if you are looking for something to do on Thursday night I can’t urge you strongly enough to put this in your plans.
Davey Horne (The Ray Summers), Selective Service, The Foundry Men, Uklreign. Maggie Mays.
Dylan Uncovered. The Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh
Conquering Animal Sound. Captain’s Rest. (Tickets)
Conquering Animal Sound have a bloody wonderful album out on Monday, which I reviewed last week. Friday and Saturday sees them finish off their UK tour first with this Glasgow gig, then an Edinburgh one which I’ll list below. I’m sure I had a note of who is supporting too, but I seem to have lost it.
Launch gig for Ryan Bisland’s Vultures album, which I quite fancy hearing.
Come on Gang!, Over The Wall, Cancel The Astronauts. Pilrig St Paul’s Church, Edinburgh. (Tickets)
Come on Gang! launch their debut album, Strike a Match, while at the same time playing their final gig before splitting up. They’ve roped in some excellent supports too. Also in a fun bit of symmetry as Come on Gang! played the final Aye Tunes Vs Peenko gig there will be DJ appearances by Peenko and me at this, the final Come on Gang! gig. Team Aye Tunes may also be looking for a floor to sleep on. Just saying…
Conquering Animal Sound, Miaoux Miaoux. Sneaky Pete’s. (Tickets)
The Edinburgh gig I mentioned above, with the added bonus of the always fab Miaoux Miaoux.
Remember Remember, Tangles. Nice N Sleazy.