This Week’s Gigs: 7th – 13th March

There’s a few less gigs on than usual this week by the looks of it, but what it lacks it sheer overwhelming quantity is more than made up for in quality. My wallet is unhappy though.
There’s a lot of launch gigs again, as well as one farewell this week.
Monoganon. Mono.
Album launch gig for the Monoganon album, Songs To Swim To. I’ve not gotten round to writing up an album review as yet, but the short version goes something like this – buy album, go to gig, enjoy. Songs To Swim To is really, really good. Don’t take my word for it, you can stream it at the link above.
Juan Pablo, Julia and the Doogans, Steven Milne (The Little Kicks), Becca Fox. Captain’s Rest.
Launch gig for the new Juan Pablo EP, Loose Lips Sink Ships.
Oh No Oh My. Nice N Sleazy.
This is a pretty last minute gig, so I have no idea who is supporting.
Usually at a folky type gig like this there’s at least one person on the bill that I really don’t care for. Nice to see this one making an exception then, as everyone involved is really quite splendid indeed.
The final Y’all Is Fantasy Island gig. Sad times. If you can get there then go, give them a worthy send off.
Another good one for the Edinburgh folks, as Black International launch their debut album, In Debt. It is good, you should think about buying one here.

Glasgow leg of the album launch tour. As mentioned above, the album is good. Going to the gig will also get you into the Pretty Ugly club night afterwards.
More launching.
Yet more launching, as PKPB finish off their tour to promote Vessels and Veins, their new EP.
Words Per Minute 10. The Arches, 4-7pm.