This Week’s Gigs: 9th – 15th August


Sunday afternoon, must be time for me to trawl my email, Facebook and Twitter for gigs happening this week then. If I’ve missed anything it is your own fault for not telling me.

Before we get in to the regular gig guide here’s a special mention for The Social Services and Open Swimmer. They are off on tour this week and a bit of next, so rather than plug them in to all the relevant days here’s all the dates for this week.
12 August – The Studio at The Corran Halls, Oban
13 August – Old Bridge Inn, Aviemore
14 August – The Tunnels, Aberdeen
15 August – Drouthy Neebors, Dundee with Esperi
Edinburgh and Glasgow follow next week, so I’ll mention those ones next Sunday.
On to the rest, and as it is a busy week there’s less chatter from me about what’s on. I’m sure you’ll survive without it.
Bear Bones. Captain’s Rest. £4. [UPDATE: This gig is cancelled]
No idea who else is playing on the night, but the wee bit of Bear Bones I’ve heard is good.
Fiona Soe Pang: No Man’s Land. FOREST FRINGE: Movey House film/performance party, 3 Bristo Pllace, 11.30pm. Free
Part live performance, part film screening, all awesome? The Magic 8-Ball suggests so.
The Low Miffs, PAWS. Captain’s Rest. £4
Little Yellow Ukuleles, Your Neighbour The Liar, Kerrie Lynch, Juan Pablo. Maggie’s Chamber, Edinburgh. Free.
Edinburgers take note, this ought to be good.
Kong, Bronto Skylift. Captain’s Rest. £8 (Buy from Bronto)
Ten Tracks Presents: The John Knox Sex Club, Wounded Knee, Dead Saints’ Bones. Stereo. £1
£1 eh? That’s hard to argue with, especially given the quality of the line up.
The Lava Experiments, Andrew Bowers. Maggie Mays.
Fear The Fives. Bloc. Free.
First gig in a wee while from Fear The Fives, who I still need to get along to see at some point.
We’re Only Afraid of NYC, Mondegreen. King Tut’s. £5 (Buy for £4 and get an exclusive song)
AvPII co-stars warm up for their appearance at the Reading/Leeds festival with a gig at Tut’s. I hardly ever mention Mondegreen round here when I really should, they are fab. You should go to this one.
Shambles Miller, Type 23, Communicator, Two in Two. Box. Free.
The Red Show & others. The Admiral.
Not a clue who the others are, details are elusive.
The Phaetons, Kochka, Diamond Sea. Nice N Sleazy.
Panda Su, Julia and the Doogans, Blue Sky Archives. Captain’s Rest. £5
Oh, lovely. The west end is annoyingly difficult to get to Paisley from on a Sunday though…
Dave Hughes. Tonic, Dundee. Free.
Zetas Empire, The Ghosties. Box. Free.
Trapped Mice, Holden, Neo Violet, Calum Carlyle. The Banshee Labyrinth, Edinburgh. Free.


  1. I had a really good gig on Sunday, both as myself and as part of Neoviolet. Thanks to everybody involved, including Trapped Mice, and Bainbridge Music, as well as the surprisingly high volume of audience members that stuffed themselves into quite a small room!