This Week’s Gigs


Now that I’m done pimping the heck out of my own gig, it’s back to just pimping gigs for everyone else this week you’ll be glad to hear. This week starts quietly, before going mental around midweek. It’s like it knows I’m running out of money. In return for the week mocking me, I’m more bitter than normal at some of the rubbish that’s on this week.

Fear The Fives are playing a wee acoustic gig at Tchai Ovna, but I’ll be waiting till Thursday to see them.
You could go and see Scouting For Girls at the O2 Academy, but if you do I might have to question whether you are welcome here. I kid, everyone is welcome here, but still, please don’t encourage Scouting For Girls.
Pavement play the Barrowlands. That’s Pavement. At the Barras. And I don’t have a ticket. The sound you are hearing right now is me sobbing.
Catch High Places at Nice n Sleazy, with support from Dam Mantle, Kill The Waves (formerly known as Camembert) and Barn Owl.
I however will be heading along to Bloc, where Fear The Fives are having an EP launch gig. I can’t say enough how much I enjoyed the EP in question.
Ah Friday, why are you mocking me so? You know I’ll probably be quite skint by the end of the week, yet you conspire to have three, THREE!, gigs I want to go to.
At Nice n Sleazy there’s Midnight Lion, .scores, The Darien Venture and Trapped in Kansas. One of these bands are threatening to be swallowed up by the hype surrounding them, the other three are good. My “too nice” reputations prevents me from being more specific.
Speaking of shite, Sandi Thom is on at the ABC. Please, just don’t, there’s so many better ways to spend your time and money.
A much better choice would be Make Sparks, Black Heart Generator and Peenko Vs Aye Tunes co-stars Mitchell Museum at The Flying Duck. I missed most of Mitchell Museum on Friday, so I’d have been going to this, were my plans not foiled by…
The Kays Lavelle. It’s the Glasgow leg of the launch for Be Still This Gentle Morning, their debut album, on Friday. Ideally between now and then I’ll finish off the album review I’ve been attempting. Support comes from Woodenbox With a Fistful of Fivers and Autistic Angus, and it’s at Stereo.
Song of Return and Boycotts are playing at Stereo, while Owl City gives me another chance to be insulting by playing the Barrowlands on the same night.
Despite having this one written down on a bit of paper right next to the computer, I forgot to mention it. At the Citizens Theatre there’s another Frost and Fire gig on. Playing this week are Cath & Phil Tyler, Nereo Bello & Lucy Duncombe, iSSHO and the excellent RM Hubbert.
NEXT Week:
Alright, so mentioning things this far in advance won’t be a common occurence, but there’s a couple of gigs that look good enough that if I wait a week to mention them might not be options anymore. Best to get your tickets now if you want to go to:
Shonen Knife – Monday 10th May – King Tuts
Faust – Tuesday 11th May – The Arches
CocoRosie – Wednesday 12th May – The Classic Grand


  1. Hey Jim,

    if you’re not busy on Wednesday night you should check out the Updown Beatdown at Cosmopol, its a charity gig.. £3/4 i think and they’re good mates of ours! some feel good vibes. :)


  2. Anonymous says:

    dont forget We Are Jawbone/ Annie Stevenson at Maggie Mays on Friday