This Week’s Happenings


Time for one of those weekly round up things I do when I feel i should write a post, but am too lazy to use my brain for anything special.

New records this week include an album from Roddy Hart, a digital release of Cast of the Capital’s Rotten Kids and Haversacks EP, which I reviewed a few weeks ago here, and the debut album by Cuddly Shark, which I’ve been looking forward to hearing.
There’s a new single out from Escape Act too, called Cabin Fever. They are from Northern Ireland rather than Scotland, but I like them, and it’s out on 17 Seconds Records, a Scottish label.
Also releasing a single, Zagora Road, are The Ray Summers.
A more high profile release comes in the shape of the latest Biffy Clyro album. Haven’t heard it myself, but I’m hearing encouraging things about it.
The latest EP by Go Away Birds s due to be available for free download here today, but as I write this isn’t up yet.

Tons of gigs on this week. Meursalt play The 13th Note on Tuesday the 10th. Bronto Skylift and Lions.Chase.Tigers at the Detour Podcast launch I’ve mentioned already. On Friday night you can catch The Darien Venture at Capitol in Glasgow, and on Saturday the quite fantastic You Already Know play The 13th Note. I can’t make it to the YAK show sadly, as I’ll be at Define Pop in the Flying Duck, don’t forget to come say hi to me if you are going there too.

There will be releases I’ve missed, and gigs I’ve not listed, there always is. If you want me to mention something, don’t forget to tell me.


  1. Roddy Hart’s got a free show coming up in that shop I’m not supposed to say I work in at the end of this month – really looking forward to it!