This Week’s Happenings


Happy St Andrew’s Day people. Time for the usual Monday round up of what’s out and what gigs look good this week.

Night Noise Team release their debut single, Menolick, as a download. It’s a new version of the song that appeared on the first Night Noise Team album, a live version also appeared on the Limbo Live Vol. 1 compilation. You can find it at all the usual download places, iTunes, Amazon etc.
The Wildhouse have an EP out, released by our pals 17 Seconds Records. Precise Running Order – The Wildhouse Sampler compiles tracks from The Wildhouse’s two previous albums, both due to be reissued by 17 Seconds in 2010, and another track, Ficca. This one is slated for a review some time this week, so check back if you want to now what I thought of it.
Tango In The Attic release a new single too, Seven Second Stare. Check the usual download places for that too, and here’s another handy Amazon link, because I’m clearly shameless this week.
Duelling Winos released a single at the tail end of last week, but I forgot to flag it up in last week’s round up, so I’m doing that now. Someday/One For The Weekend was released on Friday, and all proceeds from it go to Teenage Cancer Trust.
We Were Promised Jetpacks, fresh from playing King Tut’s last night, release a double A-side single, It’s Thunder And It’s Lightening/Ships With Holes Will Sink.

Trapped In Kansas and The Whisky Works are both big favourites round here, and both bands share the bill on Thursday at the Oran Mor as part of The Mill gigs. Text MILL62K to 82500 for tickets.
Strictly speaking this one should go in next week’s round up, but just so you have plenty of notice, I’m throwing it in a week early too. Monday December 7th sees The Gothenburg Address launch their critically acclaimed debut album with a gig in Mono. Support comes from The Bucky rage and Loss Leader, with Aiden Moffat doing some DJing for good measure. You du not want to miss the Gothenburg Address album, you can order it here if you can’t make the gig.
He Slept on 57 and City of Statues are also playing on the 7th at King Tut’s.

As usual, give me a shout if I’ve missed anything.