This Week’s Records


Not all that much out this week, but what’s available is very good.

The Lamplighter album that I reviewed last week, All Is Vanity, is released today. You can buy it direct from the Antimatter shop. It’s a really good album, you should own a copy.
The Scottish Enlightenment have an EP out. I’ve been waiting weeks for a chance to get my hands on this and buying it was just about the first thing I did today. It is brilliant, get it. You can download it from all the usual places, or buy a CD from Bandcamp.
I know nothing at all about Ghost Pants, other than the fact that there’s a free EP on the go over at Bandcamp, and it’s pretty good.
Non-Scots with new releases include Nina Nastasia who has a single Cry, Cry, Baby out. It’s a gorgeous, delicate wee thing, and bodes well for her new album Outlaster which is out in June.
LaFaro have their self titled debut album out too.