This Week’s Records


It’s another fairly slim week for Scottish releases, so I’ll also be throwing in a few things from elsewhere this week.

Fear The Fives have their debut self titled EP out, which I though was excellent.
eagleowl have a beautiful new EP out, which I should be reviewing some time this week. Don’t bother waiting for what I have to say though, go buy Into The Fold here now.
Meursault‘s new album, All Creatures Will Make Merry, is available from eMusic now, possibly a bit early. Full release is due for the end of the month, if you are lucky you might still be able to get a special early CD direct from Song, by Toad too.
Tim and Sam’s Tim and the Sam Band with Tim and Sam are the first non-Scots to make an appearance this week. Their album, Life Stream, is fab.
More non Scots with an album out are CocoRosie. Grey Oceans is out now, and the band visit Glasgow next Wednesday (May 12th) for their only Scottish date of their current tour, with a gig at The Classic Grand.
Kill The Captains have an album out too. Once again, they aren’t Scottish, but Fun Anxiety is released by Armelodie, which is a Scottish label, so gives me a tenuous link.
I’ve probably missed stuff, so as usual let me know if I have.