This Week’s Records


Right then, a fairly knackering gig guide got it’s own post this week, so here’s the new records out now.

Always Read The Label have their debut single out. You can buy Influence here on CD, or from all good download shops on, er, download.
Sparrow & The Workshop have their first proper album out. Crystal Falls is available to download now, with a physical release to follow.
Palace Ballet release their debut single, Gabriel/City of Lights. Since I’m useless I didn’t get a chance to review this yet, and missed a chance to through in a plug for the single launch gig that happened last week. Oops. Anyway, you can get the single on iTunes and I’ll try and find time to review it this week.
There’s a new release from Dominic Martin, the East Glasgow Deep EP.
Oh, Peter Parker have a split single, with The Sexual Objects out. I managed to not know anything about that till I saw it, meaning I missed the launch gig last night. I’ve also learned that googling for “sexual objects” isn’t for the faint hearted. Anyway, yes, Pretty Living/Outta Place Again is out now on 7″ and download.
The Schnapps single mentioned and reviewed last week should be widely available today too.
The new EP by We Were Promised Jetpacks is released over here today, a few weeks after the US got it. The Last Place You’ll Look features three new songs, and two reworkings of old ones. It is pretty excellent.
You Already Know have a special CD out on Saturday for Record Store Day, but you can see the gig guide for more into on that.
As I knew I would, I missed one this week. Factory Kids have a new EP out. They follow up their last release EP1 with the One EP. Try not to get confused.

Dammit, I was hoping to put of renewing my eMusic account for a few weeks, but there’s more than enough out just today to mean I have to do it sooner than that.

As always give me a nudge if I’ve missed anything. Also, I do hate to ask, but if you are going to be buying any of this stuff off iTunes if you go through the wee link at the top of the sidebar on the right you’d be doing me a favour.