This Week’s Records (and some from last week)


I half forgot to do one of these last week. I saw half forgot, because by the time I got round to checking I couldn’t find much to mention, so I didn’t bother.
There’s a bit more this week though, so lets have a look.

Any Color Black – Answer EP. Available from all the usual download stores, and Bandcamp.
Ghost Pants – Static Heart. One I should have mentioned last week. Ghost Pants is Paul Carlin, this is his second Ghost Pants EP, and it is available for free, as is the first one, from Bandcamp.
Super Adventure Club – Hip Hop Hot Pot Pot Noodle. Another that never got a mention last week, though I did plug the launch gig for the single. Available at all good records shops, download sites and, you guessed it, Bandcamp.
Paws – Violent Vicky Violet. This came out in the middle of last week, is lovely, and can be had for free from Wiseblood Industries. The Wiseblood site might set off Malware alarms in your browser, it does in mine, but don’t worry, it is safe.
Penguins Kill Polar Bears – Dawn EP. CDs available here, downloads from Bandcamp once again. I should get paid to advertise Bandcamp.
Cancel The Astronauts – Funny For A Girl. Long awaited new release from the first band that ever sent me something to review. Obviously, Bandcamp is the place to go to get the new EP.
Julia and the Doogans – Come Home EP. This came out a few weeks ago, I think I gave it a little mention at the time. Anyway, it is now available from iTunes, eMusic et al, in addition to that bloody Bandcamp.
The A Forest – Polar White. And finally, a new single from The A Forest. Available free, from guess where.
Kid Canaveral don’t release Shouting At Wildlife, their debut album, until next week, but if you pre-order it from their website you get a bunch of extra swag that you won’t get elsewhere. So, y’know, go do that.
Mitchell Museum are a couple of weeks away from releasing their debut album, The Peters Port Memorial Service, but you can get a pre-order in for that too. The album is released on vinyl, the gatefold sleeve looks very pretty, and you’ll get a code to download it too.
I think that covers about everything from the last week or two that should have been mentioned. Plenty of stuff around for you to spend your pocket money on then, and I’ve had to type Bandcamp more times than is strictly healthy.