This Week’s Thing


I’m skint, so I’m ignoring the gigs this week, since I won’t be going to any.
If you want a quick recommendation then you should go see Julia & The Doogans and Be A Familiar at The Mill on Thursday.

So, what records are out this week then?
North Atlantic Oscillation warm up for their album release in a few weeks with a new single, Drawing Maps From Memory.
I Will Leave You Now, And Two Loudspeakers Will Take My Place, the new album by The Japanese War Effort is out today. I liked it.
Quests are Steven Gribbin, Shaun Murawski and Steven Hill, and they have an EP out. You can get it from Bandcamp.
Oh, the new album by Trips and Falls just popped up on eMusic. It’s called He Was Such a Quiet Boy and is released by Song, by Toad Records, which qualifies it for a mention here despite the band being Canadian. CDs can be ordered from here.
Lovers Turn To Monsters have a new EP, Tiny Bones, available for free on Bandcamp. It’s a good way to spend 12 minutes, and it comes with some nice pictures and drawings too.
Not new, but good, Cancel The Astronauts have put their debut EP up on Bandcamp for free. They were one of the first ever bands to ask me to write them a review, incidentally.

I think that’s about it for this week. As always let me know I’ve missed anything. If you have something out next week tell me that too. Also, I got bored today and made a Facebook Group for Aye Tunes. Join it if you want.