This Week’s Thing


There wasn’t one of these last week because I couldn’t find any releases out. No albums, no singles, nothing. If I somehow managed to miss something, do let me know. There was a ton of gigs, but other places do gig guides better than me, so I skipped it.

This week however there’s some stuff out, including two I highly recommend.


The Unwinding Hours release their self titled debut album today. It is probably the best album I’ve heard so far this year, although admittedly we are only half way through February. If you liked Aereogramme you’ll want a copy of this. If you didn’t you should still have a listen. Available all the usual places, including the Chemikal Underground shop – link over on the right – on Chemikal Underground, funnily enough. Should have a full review of this up later too. While I’m at it – and I earn no commission from saying nice things or linking to it – it’s well worth using the Chemikal Underground shop. User friendly, loads to buy, physical products and digital downloads and incredibly fast at getting your order to you, at least in my experience.

Sticking with debut releases, The Kays Lavelle release their first single, The Hours. Released by Wiseblood Industries, it’s available as a free download from the Wiseblood website. We do like The Kays Lavelle a lot around here, and the single goes a long to way showing why.

More debuts, of a sort, come from The Wildhouse. Two releases from them today, the albums Hyenas and Poet:Saint. Both albums are re-issues, but also mark the first album releases by 17 Seconds Records.

Paul Vickers and the Leg have a new album – Itchy Grumble – out today. Released by SL Records you can get a CD from the SL website, and a download is available on Bandcamp.

As usual tell me if there’s anything I’ve missed.

Err, like this one that I forgot to mention. Thanks Tim for the reminder!
The description for this one makes my head hurt a bit, and I can’t quite remember where I am after reading it, so I’ll just reproduce the whole thing – “Glasgow/Barcelona based French/Argentinian electropunk male female duo’s ravey anthem to love remixed by Essex born ex-Londoner aging punk producer in Scotland in a warped dubstep/skipstep style”
In short it’s a singe by A-Lix, remixed by Tim London. Listen to it on the MySpace and if you like it buy it off iTunes.

Good gravy there’s a lot of gigs on this week. I might not see the inside of my house much. Usual deal: other, better gig guides are available, but here’s my standouts.

Panda Su is off on a tour at the moment with Sophie’s Pigeons. Pop along to either MySpace page for the full list of dates. For the purposes of the round up note that they’ll be in Dundee on Tuesday and Glasgow on Wednesday. I know nothing about Sophie’s Pigeons, but Panda Su is a big favourite around here.
Julia and the Doogans happen to be on the bill at that gig on Wednesday too. It’s in Brel, you should go. If you are away to Edinburgh to see Frightened Rabbit that night we’ll forgive you though. On Thursday Julia and the Doogans are playing in Ayr too. On Sunday they played Pivo Pivo in Glasgow – well two of them did, it was a stripped back line up of just Julia and Alan – and were, as they have been every time I’ve seen them so far, fab. Great cakes too. If you go along on Wednesday for no other reason, do it to stop me eating all their cakes.

Alternatively on Wednesday, you could pop along to Box to see The Red Show. I caught them last week at the Classic Grand. There were some technical hitches that affected them, but there was still plenty to enjoy, and they are on the list to see again soon.

Thursday sees a gig celebrating Glasgow Podcart’s first birthday. To the delight of those who complained that their birthday gig was to feature English and Northern Irish bands, the line up has changed from that original announcement. Playing at The 13th Note on Thursday for the party are Little Yellow Ukuleles, Campfires In Winter and St Deluxe. It’s free. If you can find something to complain about there, you might never be happy.

Friday has the fourth Elba Sessions Presents gig. The line up has King James, Craig Davidson, Maple Leaves, and a special acoustic set from Cuddly Shark. I know nothing of the first two, and love the second two. I’ve not seen any of them live so far, which is why you’ll find me in Glasgow’s Liquid Ship on Friday for this.

That’s three days of gigs with at least one band on that I’ve loved round these parts. If anyone dares to put on something excellent on Saturday I’ll have to assume that they hate me and are trying to kill me.

There’s not much time for rest though, as Sunday has Meursault playing Nice ‘n Sleazy, with Xiu Xiu and North Atlantic Oscillation. That’s likely to be a gig too far for me, but we’ll see.

There’s bound to be other stuff on this week too, but those four are the ones that will be entertaining – and probably knackering – me this week.