This Week’s Thing


This week I’m fairly clueless about what is out and what’s going on, to be honest. I had so many things to go to last week that looking beyond them mostly made my head explode. With that in mind I’ll likely have to update this post a few times throughout today as I notice another record or gig I should have mentioned.
As always if I miss anything use the comments or email me to let me know.

Super Adventure Club properly release the single I mentioned last week. Pick Up Sticks/SAC Attack is out on Armellodie Records today. You should be able to find it at all the usual places, and both the CD release and download are available on Bandcamp. There’s a launch gig for the single on the 4th, Thursday, in Nice n Sleazy’s, with support from Young Avaitors, Mondegreen and Symbolics. I’d planned on doing a single review by now, but last week got away from me.

Factory Kids release their first EP today, cunningly titled EP1. It’s out on 17 Seconds Records and just like with last week’s Dirty Cuts single there’s a free download available, this time of the EP’s lead track They Used To Call Me Baby.

The new Isa & the Filthy Tongues album, Dark Passenger, is available on eMusic. There’s a launch gig for that this week too, details below.

Punch & the Apostles have their self titled debut album out today. I had no idea this was due out till I saw it on eMusic, apparently I wasn’t paying attention.

I’ve paid very little attention to gigs this week, to be honest. Again, after three last week planning ahead just caused headaches.
In addition to the Super Adventure Club single launch mentioned above, Thursday also sees a Socks Off night at The Admiral. The line up boasts Haight-Ashbury, Alan McKim, The Seventeenth Century and Aye Tunes favourites Julia & the Doogans. Since I’ve seen The Seventeenth Century three times in the last four weeks I’ll be opting for the Super Adventure Club gig, but The Admiral is certainly a very good alternative.
On Friday over in Edinburgh Isa & the Filthy Tongues are having an album launch gig at Cabaret Voltaire. You might remember that I rather liked their new album.

There might be updates later, once I’ve had a look around to see what else is out.