This Week’s Thing


While I work on properly reviewing the weekend’s Define Pop Fest 2, here’s my semi-regular round up on stuff happening and records out this week.

Records: New singles aplenty this week. Frightened Rabbit (not White Rabbit, like the News of the World called them yesterday) release Swim Until You Can’t See Land. Kitty The Lion have their debut single out, Lion in the Bed. Sparrow and the Workshop have a download only single, A Horse’s Grin. Finally, The King Hats release Was A Riot At The Art School Last Night.
After it’s physical release a few weeks ago, Paul Haig’s new album Relive is now available from the usual download shops too.

Gigs: Frankly I’m too done in from the weekend to have paid much attention to what’s happening this week, but there are a few that have caught me eye.
On Wednesday Glasgow Podcart are doing another of their live sessions, with The Kays Lavelle and the fantastic Beerjacket. You might struggle to get in to that one, but have a look over on PodcART’s website for more info if you feel like chancing it.
On Thursday there are two interesting gigs worth checking out. Mitchell Museum and Lovers Turn To Monsters are playing acosutic sets at Bar Brel.
In the city centre Campfires In Winter, The Morgue Party Candidate and Macabre Scene are playing at Pivo Pivo. It’ll be £3 well spent.