Too Many Fireworks Podcast & Relaunch


You may know already, but Neil & Heidi of We Sink Ships have gone their separate ways on to new projects of their own, at least for now.

The first of Neil’s new projects, the 2mfcast launched last week. The Too Many Fireworks podcast promises to be a semi-regular stab at creating a decent music show playing the best in modern classical, ambient, electronic and post-rock music. It will features occasional guest podcasts, interviews, DJ sets and other chat as well as the odd surprise thrown in.

The first episode is online now a features a brief history of the record label from which the podcast takes its name, with music from Troika, Titus Gein, Findo Gask, Euan McMeeken, Macrocosmica and more.

You can find the first episode here, or subscribe on iTunes.

The label is getting close to relaunching too, with the full back catalogue being made available along with some new releases. I’ll tell you more about that when everything is ready though.
In the meantime head over to the Too Many Fireworks Website and sign up to receive a free 8 track sampler.