Valentine Treats


Alternate names for this post included “Any excuse to use that card from The Simpsons” and “Oh God, Peenko is going to kill me again”

As you may have noticed from the screaming red shop window displays, lovey dovey couples, and muttering bitter single people (Hiya!) it is apparently Valentine’s Day. We at Aye Tunes could care less about it, but some bands have gotten into the spirit and are giving away some free music, so we’ll gladly tell you about that.
Spring Offensive are offering a new acoustic EP for one week only. It is available on a pay what you like basis. You can have it for free if you want, but if you feel like splashing out you can get a credit on their next release if you pay more than £4. Get it over at their website.
de Selby is Alistair Beith and some of his fellow Second Hand Marching Band/Benni Hemm Hemm/Tannahil friends, and they have a one day only free download, a cover of Prince’s “If I Was Your Girlfriend”. You can find it over on Bandcamp. While you are there check out the recently released Sisyphus EP, which I’ve forgotten to mention here until now. It is really rather good though.
Taken At The Flood I know nothing about, other than there’s a Valentine download from them (Him? Not sure) over on Bandcamp. There’s an EP up for grabs there too, and Taken At The Flood will be supporting the excellent Trapped Mice at their upcoming Edinburgh EP launch gig, alongside the also excellent Loch Awe on the 5th of March at The Wee Red Bar.
The Belle Hops have made their wee EP free for this week only as a special treat. Isn’t that lovely of them?
Karlyn King is offering up a free download too. Nothing to do with Valentine’s Day, but I might forget to mention it later, so it is getting included here anyway. Blue Painted Gates is a collaboration with Bill Wells, and can be found here.
Maple Leaves left their entry till late, but we’ll forgive them since it seems churlish to complain about getting really good stuff for free. They’ve bundled up two of their previous single for a free EP, titled Threads. If like me you already have the singles then it is still worth a look, since the EP includes a previously unreleased Miaoux Miaoux remix. You can download Threads on Bandcamp.