We Have a Winner


If you missed it, last week I had a wee competion to win the new Cancel The Astronauts EP.
Closing date was last night, and I’ve now picked a winner.

The original plan was to make a video of me drawing names out of a hat to avoid any accusations of contest rigging, but this plan was scuppered somewhat by my Poundland microphone not working, and my webcam being a bit rubbish. Also, my bedroom is a pure state, so it is probably as well I didn’t do that.
Instead, a random number generator was used – twice actually, since he first time I quite brilliantly failed to assign numbers to the names, I’m not very good at this – and the winner was number 6.
After checking the numbers our winner of the CD was Rachel Sermanni.
Thanks to the handful of folk that entered, sorry I couldn’t give all of you a CD but I only had one spare.
Funny For A Girl is available to buy from Bandcamp.


  1. peenko says:

    there’s no way that you should be allowed to know where she lives!

  2. Jim says:

    I’m not Ian!