We’re Only Afraid of NYC – Zero Point Two EP Review


Ever since stumbling across the band supporting Mitchell Museum in the middle of last year we’ve been rather fond of We’re Only Afraid of NYC round Aye Tunes way, so much so that they got on the list of bands worth watching this year, so the news that their Zero Point One EP would be followed up quickly with this release was very welcome.

Of course, after all that I really hoped the EP would be good. Is it? Well, it’s a free download, so you can easily go and find out for yourself. If you need a bit of convincing though, I’ll have a go.

The opening salvo of Where We Go At Night and It’s Tidal is loud and insistent, all guitar but with no shortage of melody. It might come as a surprise then when the following track, Leader, is gentle, with melodica and vocals rather than guitar driving the song, but it’s a very welcome change, and gives the band a chance to show off a different style, one which works just as well as the more indie rock style on some of the songs.
With Bullets brings those driving guitars back, but keeps them balances with quiet parts, giving a nice contrast, before everything builds to a crescendo, before fading out softly.
Finally, Run With Heart is another change of gears. Out with the electric guitars and distortion, in with the acoustic guitar for a song stripped back to it’s bare bones. With just vocals and acoustic guitar on show, both have to be strong or everything falls apart, happily both are rock solid, closing the EP out with a soft, tender song.

To answer the is it good question then? As that wee nodding dog likes to say, oh yes.

Zero Point Two is available now as a free download from We’re Only Afraid of NYC’s Bandcamp page. Previous EP Zero Point One is still available there too.

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