We’ve Moved! (Sort Of)


Technically Aye Tunes was two years old on June 1st. Since we don’t count that rubbish first year that I didn’t do anything we are more like one year old round about now.

To celebrate, we’ve splashed out on a fancy proper domain name – ayetunes.org.uk
We picked up web hosting while we were at it, but that doesn’t matter right now, until I can work out how to build a website we’ll still be on Blogger.
Anyway, ayetunes.org.uk should bring you here quite happily, and blog.ayetunes.org.uk will work nicely -possibly better – too, so do feel free to update any bookmarks or links you might have. The old blogspot address still works, so no one will get left behind if they keep following that instead.
Ideally there’ll be a shiny new version of Aye Tunes to look at in the future, but like I say, I need to work out how to make it first, and I’ve not built a website in about ten years.


  1. peenko says:

    very swish!

  2. Sylvia says:

    Happy… erm, first-ish birthday!

  3. alastair says:

    good news min!