What Are You Doing Sunday Baby?


As if the number of gigs coming up over the rest of the week wasn’t insane enough, Easter Sunday also pokes it’s head up, waves, and shouts “I’ve got good gigs too!” lie an attention seeking friend that is hard to say no to.

First of all the afternoon sees the second Hazy Recollections show. The line up features The Injuns, Rachel Sermanni and her fiddle Pixies, Aye Tunes favourites Julia and the Doogans and resident host, Findlay Napier, who will be playing with the Bar Room Mountaineers. Hop over here for more info.

On Sunday night you could do a lot worse than take your chocolate filled body along to Nice n Sleazy for Mount Eerie. Mount Eerie fell off my radar a bit when they stopped being The Microphones, aside from their appearance on David Shringley’s Worried Noodles, but knowing this gig was coming up I gave myself a quick crash course and it turns out I’ve missed tons of good stuff. That’ll teach me to stop paying attention.
Support comes from No Kids, who I don’t know much about, but they were on Worried Noodles too. Rounding out the bill are The Black and White Verse, and the fantastic Lava Experiments.


  1. favouriteson says:

    all that certainly seems Attic Lights at Oran Mor seem a lazy pick. I was tired, what can I say