What Is Aye Tunes?


“Where am I and what do you do here?” I hear you ask.
Well, the simple answer is that Aye Tunes is yet another music blog, storming into the already bloated blogosphere. Unlike some other blogs you won’t find and hot new pre-release albums here though. In fact, you won’t find any albums at all, unless it is something I’ve been given permission to post. Instead I’ll pick a track or two from each spotlighted artist.

Aye Tunes aims to focus on the best of Scottish music, new and old. “The best” is, of course, a very subjective term, so we won’t always agree on the contents. Dissenting viewpoints are always welcome, either in a comment or an email. Also, for a small country, Scotland has a rich tapestry to draw upon musically, so don’t expect all your favourites to appear here right away, it’ll take me a while to cover all the bases, if I ever can.

As well as established artits, I’d love to put a bit of focus on new, up and coming bands. To do that I’ll need your help. If you are in a band, or know of a great one that you’d like to see covered here, do please let me know!

If you represent one of the artists involved and would like me to remove a posted track, that’s fine, just drop me a line and I’ll pull it as quickly as I can.

The mp3s posted here are for a short time only and are intended for people to evaluate the music, and not as a replacement for buying music. If you like what you hear, support the artists involved by buying the music, going to shows, buying T-shirts etc.

There are some links to buy music in the right hand side sidebar, as well as contained within some of the posts. In the interests of full disclosure I’ll confirm that some of these are affiliate links, used to not only promote the artists, albums and websites, but also to help fund this site. The money earned by myself from these is minimal, I won’t be giving up the day job any time soon!

If you have any questions, or there is anything else I can help you with, please do email me, I’ll be delighted to hear from you.


  1. murdoness says:

    See, here i am!

  2. JaneInMA says:

    As a Scot living in Boston, I miss the Scottish Music Scene and rush to see anyone that braves the USA. I trust you know and am going to cover my favourites like
    Make Model, Jyrojets, Our Lunar Actvities, The Law, The Cinematics, Frightened Rabbit, Justin Currie, Twilight Sad, Isa and the Filthy Tongues to mention but a few. I will be waiting to see your posts and hopefully get into some new bands as they arrive.