What We’re Up To


You might not think it from the irregularity of blog posts, but I’ve been working away setting up a few things, which mean I’ll be a busy little bee over the coming months. Here’s a little round up of upcoming Aye Tunes plans.

First up I’ll be DJing the penultimate Barmellodie night at Bloc on May 20th. Don’t let that put you off though, and instead come along to see Kill the Captains, Vendor Defender, Pensioner and Popcorn Fiend, who are all very fine bands indeed.

The week after that, Friday May 27th, I’ll be DJing again for Pin Up Nights as part of their second Bloggers Delight night at The Flying Duck. As well as the usual Pin Ups DJs I’ll be joined by Peenko, The Pop Cop, and members of Radar and Glasgow Podcart. Is now a good time to mention that I’m not actually any good at DJing? Randomly playing some records would be a better description.
We’ve picked the bands for the night too. The Aye Tunes selection is Mondegreen, while Radar have chosen Tokamak and The Pop Cop has picked Endor. Sadly Peenko’s choice, Michael Cassidy, is no longer playing.

June, so far, is quiet. The final Barmellodie gig takes place on June 17th with Cuddly Shark, Galoshins, Something Beginning With L and Lady North playing, and Peenko on guest DJ duties. My birthday is June 18th, so I’ll be at that, and I’ll be very drunk.
July 1st sees the second Aye Tunes Presents gig take place after a longer gap than I’d intended since the first one. I’m chuffed to bits with the line-up for this, as The Last Battle will be launching their new EP, with support from the second hand marching band and – playing their first gig in Glasgow – Loch Awe. The gig is at Stereo, and I’ll be mentioning it plenty over between now and then.
Just over a year since the first one, and six months since the last one, I’m happy to say that in August, something is coming back. Details are a closely guarded secret for now, but all will be revealed in good time.


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    This is a comment. Happy?

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    proper excited about august, btw

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    Comments make me happy.