What’s Happening This Week?


Quick answer, not all that much.

No guide gig proper this week, partly due to there not much being on, but mostly down to me being in a bloody horrible mood today. Instead of doing a gig guide, or replying to the pair of ridiculously bitchy emails that put me in a mood today has been spent hanging around in the garden with a couple of beers and cheery tunes.
There’s a couple of decent gigs this week, so I’ll batter through them quickly.
On Wednesday Kitty The Lion play Stereo, along with The Invisible Republic.
Thursday has Over The Wall, Gdansk and Adam Stafford at Oran Mor, a line up which is quite likely to tempt me out of the house.
Friday (and Saturday) has both a decent gig and worthy cause going for it, in the shape of Dusk To Dawn. This is a two night thing at The Buff Club, presented by TBC (Together Beat Cancer). Friday’s line up includes Admiral Fallow and Louise McVey & Cracks In The Concrete, while Saturday has Findlay Napier and Alan McKim, amongst others. Visit the TBC website, and check out our PodcART pals for all the details you need.
Records out this week include singles by Teenage Fanclub and God Help The Girl, a Julia and the Doogans EP, and an album by Jack James.
Next week, and pretty much all of June, promise to have gig guides that will kill me – not to mention going to the gigs themselves – with the amount of stuff that’s on, so it is probably a bonus that I can save my energy this week.


  1. Anonymous says:

    dont forget The Dirty Suits single launch at Maggie Mays on Saturday with support from Girobabies/ The Hardy Souls and Ampersand
    That should cheer you up :)

  2. Anonymous says:

    going to see kitty but dusk to dawn looks gid an aw shame am skint!