While I’ve Been Gone…


(Image nicked from The Vinyl Villain a while back, I knew I’d need it eventually)

Ok then, let’s recap. Recently we’ve discovered that

  • I’m lazy
  • I don’t know what “soon” means
  • I just all round suck.

Other than that, there’s been a ton of releases, some good, some not so much so since I last wrote anything. Attempting to cover them all would be madness, so I’ll go for a random selection.
There’s was the much written about debut album by Glasvegas, of course, about which I have nothing more to add to what’s been said elsewhere umpteen times, other than I’m bummed that Go Square Go reverted back to being more like the demo version than the single version, cause I really liked the intro on the single.

Mogwai today released their new album, The Hawk Is Howling, which is playing in the background as I write this and is really very good, as I’d expected. Also nice (from my point of view, probably not from about half of my readers’) to see more quality Rangers baiting from Barry Burns on the Mogwai website.

Manda Rin, former girl from bis, put out her debut solo album My DNA a couple of weeks ago too. I never much cared for bis when they were around at first, but they ended up growning on me in later years. Manda’s album is pretty good, I’ll try to get back to it later.

PopUp put out an album too, though whether or not you can actually buy it in shops I’m not sure of. It’s available on eMusic though and is well worth a listen. If you’ve not been a member of eMusic before there’s usually an offer on to get a bunch of free downloads before you need to pay anything, there’s a link over on the right hand side somewhere.

Colin MacIntyre has a new single out today too, Famous For Being Famous, one of the highlights from The Water. There’s 2 new b-sides and it’s available from eMusic too. I missed his gig in Glasgow at the weekend sadly. I’ve missed a LOT of gigs over the past few months. In fact, just tonight I missed Broken Records, again.

Speaking of gigs, The Tennents Mutual have announced the first lot of gigs to take place under that banner. I’ll be going to Sons & Daughters and My Latest Novel at Paisley Town Hall, so if you are too say hello. If you can make me feel guilty about being a shite blogger, I might even buy you a pint or something.

More catching up later (whenever later may be)


  1. b says:

    yay! jim’s back! phyllis and i tried to (and will still be trying) to catch glasvegas while they’re here in early october, but they’re sold out online so we might just go bum around downtown and see what happens. enjoy your shows and good to see ya back :)

  2. JC says:

    Welcome back……but you’ll see by the date accompanying this note of congrats that I’ve been a bit busy of late to notice.

    Am I the only one who just cant get excited about Glasvegas??

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi buddy, just wondering if you could post Isobel Campbell’s Amorino (yeah, post from one of your old blogs) ever again…. Thanks in advance! zzeitg

  4. JaneInMA says:

    Hey jim, you got any info on We were promised jetpacks? Hearing good intel on them.