It’s the final day of the previews for Sunday night’s big New Artists gig, presented by Glasgow Podcart. Surprisingly I’ve kept to my schedule with the posts, although the Panda Su one was written while exhausted after a pair of awful days and was incredibly half arsed. Sorry Su…

On record Yahweh is Lewis Cook, an 18 year old multi-instrumentalist from Moffat, now based on Glasgow. For one so young Lewis is disgustingly talented. His debut album, the bedroom recorded Tug of Love, was released earlier this year and is a fantastic piece of work. It’s a proper record of two sides, the first half, Dear Green Place, dedicated to Cook’s new base of Glasgow, the second, The Long Plain, to his home town of Moffat.

It’s a little difficult to pin down the sound, Cook writes minimalist, alt-folky songs, then adds textures and layers of instruments, occasionally augmented with samples and electronica beats.
All together, it’s like a bit of a clash between Arab Strap, especially their first album, slices of Mogwai, and Boards of Canada, without being derivative of any of them.

On stage Lewis is joined by a full band, with Stuart Anderson, Hugh Guthrie and Sadie Ryan helping out. Out of all the artists performing on Sunday Yahweh is the one I have most familiarity with, since I’ve got the album. However, like all the others I’ve not yet caught them live. Again just like the others I’m really looking forward to doing so on Sunday.

I didn’t have time to ask permission to use this before I wrote the post, so hopefully Yahweh won’t mind.
Download Yahweh – Glasgow Smiles Better

If you need any more convincing to get along on Sunday all four artists playing feature on this week’s Glasgow PodcART podcast, so you can have a listen.

Yahweh MySpace
Buy Tug Of Love

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Now that I’m done writing about gigs for the week, I’m off out to go to some. I’ll probably be taking the weekend off from the blog, but you can email me if you want to get in contact and catch me on Twitter if you have the urge to know what I’m drinking. I’ll be back at the start of next week, there’s a few EP reviews coming up, and there should be some gig reviews too.